ESC2RAD members are giving presentations at several conferences/workshops, presenting the results from the ESC2RAD project:


CP2K UK USERS' AND DEVELOPERS' MEETING, Molecular Sciences Research Hub (MSRH), Imperial College London, UK, June 14, 2019:

“The time-dependent electronic response of liquid water to energetic ionic projectiles”, B. Gu


MSL/RAD meeting, Kiel, Germany, June 4-5, 2019:

“Modelling radiation effects by combining Monte Carlo and (parameter-free) condensed matter approaches”, F. Da Pieve


Space Weather research and applications: Cosmic Rays, BIRA-IASB, Belgium, April 23, 2019:

“Radiation risks during future human exploration of Mars and challenges in the search of new shielding solutions”F. Da Pieve


European Geophysical Union Conference 2019, Wien, Austria, April 8-12, 2019:

“Radiation environment and Habitability on Mars at Oxia Planum and Mawrth Vallis: influence of mineralogy, atmospheric depth and Solar activity”, F. Da Pieve


Space Weather research and applications, Brussels, Belgium, April 2, 2019:

“Radiation risks during future human exploration of Mars and challenges in the search of new shielding solutions”, F. Da Pieve


We organised a Workshop: MODELLING THE BIOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF RADIATION: FROM EARTH STUDIES TO SPACE AND PLANETARY EXPLORATION. Lille, France, March 28, 2019. Our members contributed with talks:

“Radiation damage of biological matter from first-principles simulations”, J. Kohanoff

“Radiation damage to DNA at all scales: from the nucleotide to the chromosome”, F. Cleri

“On the search of novel materials for radiation protection during manned space missions”, E. Botek

“Radiation effects during human astrobiology-driven exploration of Mars and (some) challenges ahead”, F. Da Pieve


Queen’s University of Belfast, UK, February 7, 2019:

“Modelling the biological damage of human explorers on Mars and during deep Space travel”, F. Da Pieve


Science Working Team meeting of the NOMAD instrument on the ExoMars mission, Rome, Italy, January, 28-31, 2019). F. Da Pieve participated


Meeting of the FRS-FNRS contact group for Astrobiology, Liege, Belgium, December, 182018):

"The search of habitable conditions on Mars from the perspective of the radiation environment: influence of mineralogy and atmospheric depth through epochs”, F. Da Pieve


Exomars Landing Site workshop, Leicester, UK (November 8-9, 2018). F. Da Pieve participated


Meeting of the COST ACTION 17126: “Towards understanding and modelling intense electronic excitations”, Madrid, Spain, November 19-202018:

“Dosimetry in irradiated water”, J. Kohanoff

“Space Radiation effects at candidate landing sites for the ExoMars 2020 ESA mission: a Monte Carlo particle transport study”, F. Da Pieve


European Space Weather Week, Leuven, Belgium, November, 5-9, 2018:

"Introduction to the ESC2RAD project: Enabling Smart Computations to study space RADiation effects", E. Botek

"Monitoring and Interpretation of EPT proton and electron fluxes during 5 years of data", E. Botek

"Modelling radiation shielding effects for future manned space missions", E. Botek


European Planetary Science Conference (EPSC2018), Berlin, Germany, September 16-21, 2018:

"Radiation environment at candidate landing sites on Mars: effects of Solar activity and of albedo neutrons for different mineralogical content" , F. Da Pieve

"Towards new potential strategies for biosignatures detection: correlating the physico-chemistry and complexity of amino acids from deep space", F. Da Pieve


3rd Congress of Polish Biosciences BIO2018: Through interdisciplinary approach into new solutions and 51st Meeting of the Polish Biochemical Society, Gdańsk, Poland, September 18-21, 2018:

"Can low-energy electrons produce DNA strand breaks in the physiological environment ?", J. Kohanoff


Solar Terrestrial Centre of Excellence one-day workshop, Royal Observatory of Brussels, Belgium, June 7, 2018: 

"Enabling Smart Calculations to study space RADiation effects", F. Da Pieve




Contact: BIRA-IASB, Av. Circulaire 3, Brussels, Belgium.