Leader: QUB


Objectives: Study the biological damage by ions of GCRs, suggest possible directions for mitigation strategies.


Task 4.1: Analysis of energy deposition and ionization of water for a range of ions (H, He, Li, Be, C, Si, Fe) and energies down to the Bragg peak (TDDFT calculations).

Task 4.2: Similar analysis for a realistic model of DNA, including water and aminoacids (TDDFT calculations).

Task 4.3: Analysis of phosphodiester bond cleavage in solvated nucleotides due to direct ionization, electron attachment, and OH radical attack (ground state ab initio MD calculations, complemented by previous work done for electrons and on radicals).

Task 4.4: Incorporate the information gathered in Tasks 4.2 and 4.3 into the Geant4-DNA Monte Carlo simulation package, and develop a suite of nucleotide damage descriptors.

Task 4.5: Extend the definition of damage descriptors from the case of solvated nucleotides to the case of DNA in the physiological environment.

Task 4.6: Suggest strategies for mitigating agents on the basis of the new descriptor and of the reported repair mechanisms.

Task 4.7: Communication activities.




Contact: BIRA-IASB, Av. Circulaire 3, Brussels, Belgium.