Objectives: Calculating the degradation of solar cells and search for mitigation strategies.


Task 3.1: Comparing results of the stopping power with SRIM/TRIM.

Task 3.2: Comparing the degradation obtained from DDD and EQFLUX model with the overall degradation as can be deduced from the physico-chemical aspects emerging from the first-principles results.

Task 3.3: Suggest mitigation strategies on the basis of data-mining/smart search algorithms tools. For a selected representative or two of the found materials with similar electronic properties (band gap), we will compute the electronic stopping power. By linking electronic properties and stopping power, we will be able to suggest possible other resistant materials to be investigated.

Task 3.4: Communication activities/Exploitation and Dissemination of data.




Contact: BIRA-IASB, Av. Circulaire 3, Brussels, Belgium.