Leader: QUB and ULille


Task 4.1: Analysis of energy deposition and ionization of water for protons for energies down to the Bragg peak

Task 4.2: Establishing contact with Geant4-DNA developers, organization of a meeting, and report with a list of both necessary studies (to explain disagreement of Geant4-DNA results with experiments) and first feasibility studies

Task 4.3: Similar analysis as in Task 4.1 for a realistic model of DNA. In order to check how meaningful is the analysis in 4.1 within the biological context, we will repeat some selected simulations in a more realistic model that will include a fragment of DNA

Task 4.4: Studies towards connecting to Geant4-DNA for secondary electrons

Task 4.7: Communication activities.


Task 7.1: Roadmap on future studies needed, from the perspective of chemical physics/condensed matter community, to improve the understand of biological damage




Contact: BIRA-IASB, Av. Circulaire 3, Brussels, Belgium.